NYS has been in Language teaching business since 1998. We have been working with Native Speakers since then. As a language school if somebody wants to learn a language, any language, chances are, we can teach it. Therefore, if you are a language teacher, we may have a teaching position for you.

Our Human Resources Department is looking for qualified experienced teachers with international teaching credentials. If interested please fill out and send in an application. They will contact you.

During the years we have been in business, teachers and teacher candidates asked  us questions about Turkey, work conditions in Turkey and other questions about work conditions, we gathered those questions and their answers under MFAQ and presented it to you for your perusal. If  you have a question and do not have an answer for it, please let us know. Following are the answers to the most frequently asked questions by teachers who are considering working with New York Studio of Languages.

WORK Hours and Working Conditions
Compensation Package
Work Visa, Residency Permits and Housing Accommodations
Cost of Living and About the City of Istanbul