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Our focus is on our students and their personal needs. Our professional education consultants will analyze your language needs and they will design an education program based on your needs. They have been doing this since 1998.
NYS offer programs which are designed to meet your personal needs and objectives.
 Teaching style which will be correct one for you and your learning style.
• World famous Communicative Method is used in the teaching process.
 Only Turkish is used in the classroom.
 One on one classes, as well as group lessons.
Teaching program will be designed to fit your personal needs and your schedule.  NYS offers a choice of Web based language learning programs that feature live online learning.
Our focus is on our students and their personal needs. After determining your level of Turkish, one of our education advisers analyze your needs and prepare a program for you.
Our highly trained, native speaking Turkish instructors are dedicated  satisfying your needs whatever you prefer face to face private or group lessons, we make sure that you are successful in learning Turkish language. While teaching, your personel learning style, interests and goals, are considered.
In NYS classes, Students are encouraged to speak and communicate in Turkish by using only Turkish in our classrooms. Our teaching Method is based on comminicative method which anables our students speaking and communicating in Turkish, as opposed to memorization of vocabulary and grammar. Vocabulary and grammar are taught in the context of real life situations. The clasroom study is reinforced with relevant reading and writing exercises, as wellas outside teaching activities.
NYS offers Turkish programs and methods which will enable you to start speaking Turkish from the very beggining. Experience NYS and see how we revolutionized learning Turkish. We offer three seperate Turkish programs. Daily Conversation Classes. Turkish for University Students and Turkish for Business.
Daily conversation classes:
We help our students to understand what is happening around them, in Turkish environment and will enable you to communicate with people in everyday living conditions. You can go shopping, go to a restaurant and order a meal, socialize with the people you like.
Turkish for University students:
NYS prepares foreign students for University Turkish Proficiency Exams. Program will enable them to understand, speak, write and communicate in Turkish at their Universities and in their classrooms. We prepare university students who are attending lectures in Turkish at their Turkish Universities; to making academic presentations, taking exams and writing term papers all in Turkish.
Turkish for Business classes:
Are organized for Businessmen who will be conducting, Business in Turkish. Turkish for Business will enable them to communicate with their colleagues at work, negotiaging business deals, writing business letters etc are covered here. Topics related to Sales, HR, Accounting, Marketing , Finance and other business will be covered as well.
Whether you prefer to learn Turkish in a classroom privately or within a group with other students, a self-paced program at one of our language centers, at your office, or live on line NYS offers a program that’s right for you.

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